Healthy Forrests are a fascinating ecosystem and a place that can help to ease your soul. Many people visit forests for that very reason. Some connote entering forests negatively because we also get to know them as dark and dangerous places in many stories. Thus, passing through the edge of a forrest can invoke a wide variety of emotions, depending on your general feelings towards the woods, your state of mind, and the setting, that light and seasons present you with. For the ecosystem, the the edge acts as a protective layer with young trees, bushes, and low reaching crowns and branches. This transitioning zone drew my attention more and more as I approached it for photography sessions and recreational activities. I found two kinds of approaches which work for me. I either show the first layer and provide a glimpse into the forest, which gives images a rather inviting quality. Or I frame a fully filled canvas created by Nature. This showcases the protective role of the edge of a forrest

White Curtain

Green Curtain



Quay Wall


Tilted Trio

Snow Guard

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